We Like the Project Catalog București (Bucharest Catalog) developed by ARCEN

In March 2017, the Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Normality (ARCEN) launched the Bucharest Catalog project, the first inventory of all the buildings in the historical areas of the capital scheduled to run run between March 2017 and November 2020 developed by volunteers and specialized architects, urban planners and historians, and will target the 98 protected city areas.

The project is urgent, necessary and useful because at the moment, the built heritage of Bucharest (over 14,500 buildings) is in an advanced state of degradation, hundreds of buildings are in a state of collapse or pre-collapse and represent real public threats.

The goal is to make an online platform that includes inventory of all properties in the 98 protected areas, tens of thousands of data and photos, analyses, and statistics available to state institutions, industry specialists and city dwellers.


Proiect – SoNoRo

Proiect – SoNoRo

We Like the Project “SoNoRo Conac”!

In 2013, the Sonoro Association started a new project – SoNoRo Conac, whose aim is to highlight the need for respect, attention and support for Romania’s extraordinary cultural heritage and resources by associating music with the architectural masterpieces in Romania. They performed concerts in heritage buildings such as Bran Castle, Petre P. Carp Mansion (Ţibăneşti, Iaşi County), Teleki Palace, Gorneşti, Udrişte-Năsturel Mansion, Hereşti.

SoNoRo Conac grew from the idea of resetting chamber music in its original space of an intimate nature, ideal for cultural dialogue and active listening in front of a small audience. This project aims to raise public awareness wit respect to the multitude of rehabilitated heritage buildings – fabulous, spectacular, elegant buildings that need to be reintroduced into the cultural circuit.


Proiect – Rempart

Proiect – Rempart

We like the French association Rempart which provides social insertion and trains volunteers for the restoration sites of historical monuments in France and abroad.

The Network of Associations in the Benefit of Heritage / L’union d’associations de sauvegarde, du patrimoine et d’éducation populaire – Rempart, France joins us in the workshops held at Carp Manor in Țibănești, Iași County.




We really like the complex project Grădina istorică (Historic Garden) created by Ierburi uitate (Forgotten Herbs) in collaboration with the Botanical Garden Dimitrie Brândză, University of Bucharest (opened in 1860!).

The authors of the project launched in September 2017 at the Botanical Garden reveal a bit of their concept to us:

”At the end of the field, after the amphitheater area where we plan to organize garden activities starting from spring, we designed a clearing. Now, of course, there is not much of it there, just barren ground, tiller hoed and finely raked, but a few days ago, after we finally got the seeds, we sowed our first plants on this patch.

The clearing will host a few bee hives and insect hotel, and for them as well as for us, we sowed a mixture of annual and perennial flowers only a few days ago, chosen to grow both in the sun and in the shade.

We selected a few dozen species, among which many melliferous plants are included (…): Erysimum, Malcolmia, Silene, Coreopsis, Eschscholzia, Alyssum, Saponaria, Cerastium, Bidens, Dracopis, Sanvitalia, Achillea, Borago, Papaver, Malva, Lathyrus, Digitalis, Aquilegia, Viola, Lobelia, Campanula, Mirabilis, Dianthus, Echium, Phacelia, Reseda, Myosotis, Lychnis, Centaurea, Oenothera, Lupine, Anethum, Lunaria, Cosmos. As you see, many of our insects will enjoy the best them from the first days of spring to late autumn.”

More details here:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gr%C4%83dina-Istoric%C4%83/1343799599082433?hc_ref=ARQfRC6xTlN1XNeCzL9SMlFtN-pTh8ngcoL4A-vQg0fJiiNUxxWPA7oahDvY4GbR2xo

Work in progress: http://www.gradinaistorica.ro/



We like the French from Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France for the way they preserve, arrange and pass on traditional crafts that help save and rebuild the tangible heritage.

Pro Patrimonio has been working with Les Compagnons du Devoir since 2007 at the traditional craft workshop/school at P.P. Carp Manor from Ţibăneşti, Iaşi County.




We like the project Ambulance for Monuments created and implemented by architect Eugene Vaida, president of the Monumentum from Alțâna, jud. Sibiu (link http://asociatiamonumentum.ro/cms/).

Ambulance for Monuments is a pilot project that aims to act effectively for safeguarding the intangible heritage by securing the objectives of major assets that are in bad condition or structural precollapse.

details here http://ambulanta-pentru-monumente.ro/



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