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An iconic project for the local community

Despite the critical times it is going through, the Enescu House in Mihăileni proves its vitality through the strong links it creates and carries forward. The local community has come to our aid in various ways. These people have been part of the educational projects we have been running in the community for four years […]

“Cycle Patrimoine” 2nd edition

Paris, September 14th, 2023 The second edition of “Cycle Patrimoine” took place from September 14 th to October 5th, 2023 at the Macadam Gallery, Romanian Cultural Institute. The event in Paris brought together a dense programme of exhibitions and conferences on civil society initiatives for the protection and enhancement of heritage in Romania. The exhibition […]

Activity Log

In June-September, with the agreement of the architect and the contractor, the project team participated as observers in several tests carried out to clean a facade of a similipierre brickwork. This involved dry blasting with different materials, wet blasting with water jet at various temperatures and pressures. The observations made, combined with the literature research, […]

Preliminary Conclusions

Bucharest, 10/04/2023 In the study on the repair and maintenance of historic plasterwork, observations and information from practical tests, ongoing construction sites and laboratory analyses were gathered. Given the great diversity of modernist plaster, the team decided to focus mainly on similarly painted plaster and, in particular, on how to clean and repair it. Encountered […]

How our Concerts on the Siret river went, 3rd edition

Summer evening at Concerts on the Siret river, August 22 marked the end of the master course held by pianist Raluca Știrbăț at the Miclescu Manor in Călinești, Botoșani county. The protagonists of the concert were the seven young pianists participating in the masterclass, students of the national music colleges of Botoșani, Suceava, Iași, Bacău, […]

Historical plastering – Practical research. August project diary

In August the project team continued practical tests in both Bucharest and Timișoara. Part of the experiments focused on repairs to an existing plaster of similar type, which, according to laboratory results, would be based on Parker cement – a type of cement that appeared in the early 19th century, obtained by burning at up […]

Concerts on the Siret River, 3rd edition

August 13 – 28 , 2023 This year, Concerts on the Siret is dedicated to supporting work on the George Enescu House in Mihăileni. For donations – Casa George Enescu din Mihăileni, Botoșani – DONATE A xylophagous and biological attack on the wooden structure of the Enescu House in Mihăileni has forced the interruption of […]

Ateliere de Explorări şi Imprimări Botanice

Tot în cadrul proiectului Circular Catalysts, pe 21 mai 2023 am organizat un program de “Ateliere de Explorări şi Imprimări Botanice” chiar în spaţiul alăturat expoziţiei Romanian Design Week de la Bucureşti, din Piaţa Amzei. Acestea au fost o continuare directă a experimentelor derulate în cadrul rezidenței de creație de la Vila Golescu, jud. Argeș. […]

Pro Patrimonio exhibition within Circular Catalysts. Romanian Design Week 2023

Curatorial text for the Pro Patrimonio exhibition within the Circular Catalysts programme, initiated by the British Council Romania and supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute, Romanian Design Week, 12-28 May 2023   Honest Goods, version HG#3. Concept Modeled after the first series of the Honest Goods design and craft collection in 2016, which was conceived […]

Circular Catalysts – Residency Journal

Craftsmen’s Day The adventure of materials and colours from nature starts with British designer Anoushka Cole. One can reach Câmpulung through the filter of wonderful local craftsmen. For this project we chose to visit one of the most appreciated weaving craftswomen in the country, Mrs Mariea Plopeanu. We were greeted not only with a museum […]

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