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Over 50 education workshops held over the years in the communities around the heritage objectives we fight to restore, rescue and integrate in the economic circuit.

This support can help us continue and come in the aid of children with much more materials and activities. Sponsorships can be deducted in each trimester (for example, sponsorships made until March 30 can be deducted, within the limits specified above, from the payment tax on April 25) or annually (sponsorships made during a fiscal year will be deducted, within the legal limits , from the final payment tax until March 25 of the following year).

We should remember that once out of the trimester, the sponsorship is lost, i.e. the tax goes entirely to the state budget, therefore it is essential that this contract be signed within the calendar period of the trimester.

The Pro patrimonio Foundation is registered in the Register of Entities / cult units under no. 4617 / B / 2006, fiscal registration code 13212145.

Contract redirecționare 20% din impozitul pe profit FPP

Contract sponsorizare Fundatia Pro Patrimonio

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