Fight against Heritage Neglect by Redirecting 3,5%

Pro Patrimonio Foundation proposes that you redirect 3,5% of the money from your Romanian income tax which otherwise remains with the state treasury. This deposit of money can help us continue the fight against forgetting our history, to continue to inform, educate and create role models in protecting the heritage and its natural integration in contemporary life.

Pro Patrimonio Foundation acts swiftly and efficiently, identifies urgent problems, finds solutions and provides examples; however, for this to occur, it needs support, including financial support.

Please, after completing the form, send us an email to with your name and contact email address so that we can thank you and keep you informed of our activities.

We are grateful for completing the 3.5% form for the benefit of Pro Patrimonio Foundation!

Villa Golescu from Câmpulung Muscel seen by Celestina, 6 years old, during a Heritage Education Workshop

What can you do?

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