Education for Heritage Programme gets a new graphic identity

Education for Heritage Programme gets a new graphic identity

June 2024

For ten years now, Pro Patrimonio houses and places have been actively and constantly opening up to nearby youth communities through programmes of exploration and creative use of local resources, through direct reference to the heritage object. The houses have been, in turn, photographic subjects, „characters” in animated films made by the children, disguised as models, games, story points on cultural trails in the village and the city, the subject and index of a very wide and varied range of creative and practical activities. They have become the context for meeting and forming communities, an opportunity to relate to a model from the past to help us shape a better future.

Enough has gathered around this process that we decided it was time to add to the basic ideas – heritage house and children exploring through play – a visual identity that will accompany the kits and caravans in the field from now on. All these years, „Education for Heritage” has proved to be an identity programme of the Pro Patrimonio Foundation, as a role model, which has crept persistently into all the projects carried out. It needed a brand and we are glad that this has happened now that the programme is celebrating its 10th  anniversary.

We thank the Creionetica team for accompanying us graphically with understanding and empathy throughout the project „Heritage Kit and Caravan – Houses and Communities Working Together”.

Also, as part of this project, we also included a product designed by the Education for Heritage Programme Coordinator, architect Andreea Machidon. It is the „Exploration Map of Câmpulung Muscel, Berechet Map”. It is now available in the „Useful” section of the Pro Patrimonio Foundation website. The Berechet Map was created during the organization of the festival celebrating the cultural and natural heritage of Câmpulung Muscel – „3 Doors, 3 Countries” – and used on many occasions by the children community of the city. It invites locals and visitors alike to take a leisurely stroll and works up the appetite for getting to know the place and the people who have lived there.

Download Berechet Map

 „Heritage Kit and Caravan – Houses and Communities Working Together” is a project realized by Pro Patrimonio Foundation, supported by the Romanian Order of Architects Stamp Tax and co-financed by AFCN, with the support of UiPath Foundation.


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