The Clothes Stand with Maria Cantili Golescu’s Wardrobe and Other Stories

The Clothes Stand with Maria Cantili Golescu’s Wardrobe and Other Stories

The heritage education component of the interdisciplinary project “Maria Cantili Golescu’s Culinary Diary – recipes, tastes, objects and experiments” took place at Golescu  Villa in Câmpulung Muscel during the long weekend at the beginning of the summer holidays.

The group of children was extremely active and was able to accomplish the whole three-day program of intense activities coordinated by Andreea Machidon and supported by guest trainers Răzvan Bogza, Cosmin Simion, Irina Melente and Ana Maria Apostoiu.

“Plant Day in the Edible Garden”

Friday in the children’s workshop at the Golescu Villa in Câmpulung was Plant Day in the edible garden. The children came in the morning, participated in workshops, lunch and games, training for the Sunday sports competitions and small continuations of the workshops in the first part of the day for those who wanted.


“Notebook, Drawing and Calligraphy Day”

The second day of the children’s workshop was taken up with making botanical prints on t-shirts. Inspired by “Recettes de Cuisine” — Maria Cantili Golescu’s 1900’s notebook of recipes and advice — the children started building their own notebook by replicating the cardboard covers with textile and making their personal “coat of arms” with the initials of their name using the linocut technique.


In the afternoon we had Delia Zahareanu, a graphic designer specialized in abstract art, calligraphy and graphic design, as our guest. Delia gave us a short and applied introduction to the art of calligraphy, with practical exercises right on the newly made notebooks using tools from the props of professionals in this field.

“Art Installation Day”

The last day of the children’s workshop at Golescu Villa in Câmpulung was reserved for the construction of four thematic installations directly related to Maria Cantili Golescu’s Notebook – “Recettes de Cuisine” and to the times she lived in. All those who will visit us at the official launch event of the rewritten Cantili’s Notebook and the Festive Day at the end of September will be able to browse:

  • The Tree of Plates, with stories related to the culinary objects of Villa Golescu
  • The clothes rack with Maria Cantili’s wardrobe from that period
  • The story box with useful tips from Maria Cantili’s original notebook “Recettes de Cuisine”.
  • The Golescu family tree.

The evening closed with an outdoor film, in the tradition of the Foundation’s Heritage Education Caravan.

The workshop and exploration phase with the children from Câmpulung is over for now but we are moving forward and will constantly present the research project of the translated notebook resources, the collaboration with the ten culinary experts as well as the collaboration with craftsmen from the Muscelu area for the continuation of the Honest Goods collection.


For those curious to feel the atmosphere of this year’s workshops, the editorial team of MuscelTV Câmpulung has made a conclusive report.


“Maria Cantili Golescu’s Culinary Diary-recipes, tastes, objects and experiments” is a cultural project of Pro Patrimonio Foundation co-financed by AFCN.

Media partners: Scena 9, Rock FM, Muscel TV, Zeppelin Magazine; Friend project: Ierburi Uitate


The digitized booklet, “Recettes de Cuisine”, can be found in the Foundation’s library of useful resources here 

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