Textile Restoration and Conservation Workshops, 2015-2016

Textile Restoration and Conservation Workshops, 2015-2016

The textile workshops which have taken place at the Golescuu Villa (July 2015 and 2016) were created as means of raising awareness, a theoretical and practical education that allowed participants to grow familiar with the notion of cultural landscape in general (local architectural values, living styles, gastronomy, economic exchanges).

Textiles make up an important part of the cultural heritage values which must be rediscovered, preserved and passed on to future generations. Textiles are testimonies of technology, fashion, aesthetics, and social life in a certain period of time and provide information about hidden aspects of daily life in the past.

The workshop participants got acquainted with the mysteries of restoration and preservation of heritage textiles, learned about the complexity of the restoration process, and did hands-on practice on original textiles from the Golescu collection.

The workshops were coordinated by eng. Dr. Carmen Marian, specialist in conservation and restoration of archaeological textile patrimony, former researcher at the Textile Restoration Laboratory of the Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration Centre of the National Museum Complex “Moldova”, Iași.



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