Romanian noble families claim rebirth House George Enescu Mihăileni

Romanian noble families claim rebirth House George Enescu Mihăileni

Enescu House in Mihăileni became the cause of the Romanian Boyar Families and Friends Ball. Already at its third edition, the elegant ball brings together representatives of the Romanian boyar families now spread all over the world. Every year, at the end of autumn, they meet in Bucharest to celebrate with joy their shared values, the spirit of unity and support a cause in which they believe. This time we were glad to see each other again and have the sustained efforts of Pro Patrimonio Foundation recognized and supported by such a high-profile event. The first event that occurred on November 8, 2019, was the Charitable Concert for the Enescu House in Mihăileni, supported by pianist Raluca Știrbăț and violinist Alexandru Tomescu. In the NeoBoema Hall of the Universe Palace the public was delighted by the musical works of George Enescu, Vasile Filip, Constantin Silvestri or Tudor Ciortea. We thank Mr. George Butunoiu for the space made available for us on this occasion.

The evening of November 9, 2019 was dedicated to the Ball that took place in the elegant spaces of the Manuc Inn where the guests, representatives of the Romanian Boyar families had the generosity to donate a total of 29,429 euros for the benefit of the Enescu House from Mihăileni. We thank this occasion to the organizing committee of the Ball – Constantin Cantacuzino, Mihai Ghyka, Irina Cantacuzino, Ileana Kripp, Grigore Ghyka – for all the support offered and for the judicious administration that made raising this amount possible. We also thank the companies Graphic Arts, Weather Publishing, City Grill, Manuc’s Inn, enRose, Moritz Ice, Carassia, Alira, Ursus, Prince Stirbey, Rue du Pain.

From the raised amount, after we have covered the Ball expenses, with the 20,000 euros left we’ve used it for this year’s expenses – that include major operations of house renovation – finishing of the porch, finishing and completion of windows and doors, painting of wooden elements, finishing of the socle, interior and exterior wall finishing, finishing the chimneys for the two stoves. To be finished: the kitchen stove, the street fence, electrical wiring, furnishing of a bathroom, electrical equipment instalments (sockets, switches, lighting fixtures), interior furniture. In addition we can even equip the house with a much needed piano.

Once the house will be finished and furnished, in addition to elite musical project attracted Academy of Music and Sound Study will promote education projects in local communities.



@Credit photo Andrei Gîndac

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