CASA multifaceted

Object brings together three criteria for defining the heritage houses: the memoirs – “home” – the seniority – “house old” and of uniqueness – “house chosen” with the shining example of a building that brings together all these principles : Villa Golescu Mansion Mansion Neamţu or Perticari-Davila. The unit is designed to be hung on the wall, the lamp while awake, “wardrobe” of memories and organizer of discoveries in the field.

Package contains plant put on the wall, lighting system and cards for each house.

Suitable children over 6 years and adults alike.



The object is made of plywood and uses laser cutting and finishing equipment manuals.


DIY Ionuţ Petcu
Design: Andreea Machidon
An 2019


Dimensions: L = 20 cm, l = 20 cm, depth = 12cm
Materials: plywood
Color: natural wood

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