Beds mansion

Beds mansion
Planter proposed is a direct invitation to discover and take care of some of the plants found in manor courts Perticari-Davila, the Mansion Neamţu or Villa Golescu. Each miniature garden is enhanced by the heritage facade of your own home and is driven by key figures from the past such sites. All items can be constantly renewed by drawing with chalk.

The package contains the manor facade with window-box, seeds of the plants of the mansion, the story related to the selected characters and chalk drawing.

Suitable children over 4 years and adults alike.



Jardiniere is achieved by manually folding and decorative elements in laser cut plywood.



DIY Ionuţ Petcu

Design: Andreea Machidon

An 2019


Dimensions: L =, L =, depth =


Materials: waterproof craft paper and plywood

Color: black chalk and paper craft

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