Online exhibition

Online exhibition

During the workshops held in Mihăileni in August, the 20 children from the project created through their research and works a series of materials that we gathered as was natural in an exhibition. It was opened in the courtyard of George Enescu’s House. The parents and the local community in general received it with great interest and even pride. These children’s perspectives – ages ranging from 7 to 12- on their village, local resources and possibilities is a unique approach from which we can all find inspiration and hope, so we set out to organize this exhibition online as well.

The topics they had to cover during the days of the workshops or camp – as the children from the local community beautifully called it – were very varied.

  • The resource map involved the creation of thematic maps with the resources discovered by children in the community.
  • A poster and a flyer to promote local resources through events proposed by children
  • The emotional map of Mihăileni consists of personal maps with the favourite places and stories of the children from Mihăileni
  • The imaginary map is composed of maps of the new Mihăileni as imagined by children
  • Tools created by children from non-useful household materials
  • Proposals for landscaping the garden of the George Enescu House
  • Following the example of Villa Golescu, the Perticari-Davila Manor and the Neamțu Manor, the George Enescu House in Mihăileni received this year its story in the form of an animation made by the children who participated in the animation workshop.

The main project team was composed of Andreea Machidon and Mihai Petrescu

Teammates: Luiza Simion, Ana Maria Apostoiu and Irinia Novac;

Specialized trainers: Andreea Tincea – sound and Smaranda Ilie – animation

The ANIMEST team

The management of the Mihăileni school and local coordinator Adrian Hariga

“EventFullDays at the Enescu House – cultural-musical explorations and exercises” is a cultural project realized by the Pro Patrimonio Foundation in partnership with the UiPath Foundation and co-financed by AFCN.

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