“Introduction to the ABCs of Music. A guide for teachers and parents”

“Introduction to the ABCs of Music. A guide for teachers and parents”

“Introduction to the ABCs of Music. A guide for teachers and parents”, edited and published by Pro Patrimonio Foundation in partnership with UiPath Foundation, aims to provide a minimum musical basis that a music or instrument teacher would do well to follow.

The publication starts from the basics and gradually provides insights into more difficult concepts. It is addressed to both beginners (students, parents) and experienced or inexperienced teachers. With the help of clear and concise illustrations teachers are guided towards introducing musical concepts and laying the foundations for a strong music education of their pupils.

“Often, in the job interviews I have had with potential collaborators, I have noticed the lack of a pedagogical perspective. Questions like: “what” I want my student to learn, “what” are the indispensable lessons for a solid musical foundation, but especially “how” I present them to him/her, have been an important part of my concerns throughout my pedagogical experience. I hope that I have succeeded in providing clear and useful direction to my colleagues, adult students, but also to parents who need extra support for their children.” — Diana Brătan

“Introduction to the ABCs of Music. A guide for teachers and parents” is available in online format in Pro Patrimonio Foundation’s library of free materials or it can be ordered by courier with the payment of the courier fee only (*)

For a better use and understanding of this manual we have prepared a webinar dedicated mainly to music teachers in which we want to present its specific functions in detail and how we have come to create it

Webinar roll-up

  • Raluca Munteanu, program director of Pro Patrimonio Foundation, presents the program “Academy of Music and Education for Children“, a music education program, carried out by Pro Patrimonio Foundation at the George Enescu House in Mihăileni, Botoșani county
  • Diana Brătan, piano and music teacher, author of the manual, will give an introduction to the pedagogical methodology
  • Greta Gasser, piano teacher at Gasser Music Studio, Yorkshire Young Musicians și Manchester High School for Girls
  • Paula Gavriluţă, music teacher “Academy of Music and Education for Children” at the George Enescu House in Mihăileni, presents the stages of work with children in the music group founded in 2020
  • Raluca Negulescu-Balaci, executive director UiPath Foundation, presents “Future Acceleration Program” in Botoșani County
  • Questions and answers in chat during the webinar.

The publication is part of a larger framework developed by the “Academy of Music and Education for Children”, a music education program run by the Pro Patrimono Foundation in partnership with the UiPath Foundation. Starting in 2020 a group of 24 children participate in weekly online/physical lessons. The music teacher gradually cultivates their creativity and artistic sensibility and helps them develop their skills in using musical instruments. This project is part of the cultural activation of George Enescu’s house in the village of Mihăileni, Botoșani county after its rescue and restoration over seven years ago.

The webinar will be organised online, Friday, 4 March, 2022, 16:00. Attendance is free of charge, via Zoom, upon registration on this form https://bit.ly/3BhRpAd

The link will be sent a few days in advance.



Diana Brătan was born in Brașov and attended the Music High School in Brașov, during which time she gave piano recitals, concerts with the orchestra and participated in national and international competitions. She graduated from the National University of Music in Bucharest, in the Faculty of Music Performance, Piano section. She attended the Master’s courses at this institution, specializing in Chamber Music. At the same time, she attended the courses of the Master in Music Therapy at the Faculty of Music, Transilvania University, Brasov.

She was part of the jury for the selection for the Young Talents program, promoted by the Royal Margaret of Romania Foundation and was invited as a Mentor for the scholarship holders within the program, in order to prepare them for the Young Talents events.

Diana Brătan is a piano teacher by vocation, loves music and works with passion with both amateur students and budding professionals. She believes that a teacher’s duty, both to himself and to his students, is to continuously educate himself personally and professionally. In teaching, it is essential not only the “what” but especially the “how”, and that the “how” is adapted to each individual student.

Educatie muzicala cu Diana Bratan – Pentru cei pasionati

Founded in 2000, Pro Patrimonio Foundation has been active for more than 20 years in almost all regions of Romania to revitalize and strengthen disadvantaged communities located far from the areas of progress. The aim is to reintroduce into the cultural and economic circuit a built heritage, currently abandoned and degraded, and to restore its identity links primarily with the community.

Pro Patrimonio Foundation supports the idea that each citizen is responsible for heritage. Thus, initiatives focus on practical education projects, aimed at rehabilitating and refunctionalising the historical heritage, as well as on the involvement and raising the awareness of communities of their own identity.

The “Academy of Music and Education for Children” is a music education program run by Pro Patrimono Foundation in partnership with UiPath Foundation, which is part of the cultural activation of George Enescu’s house in Mihăileni village, Botoșani county. The academy develops educational programs for children and young people, offering the chance to quality non-formal education and the discovery of an appropriate cultural environment.

UiPath Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that runs programmes to support children from vulnerable backgrounds to reach their potential and thrive alongside their communities through equal access to education and development of 21st century skills. UiPath Foundation was founded by UiPath in January 2019 and acts as an independent organisation. UiPath Foundation partners with local, regional and national impact nonprofits to deliver educational programs that address the multiple needs of children facing poverty.

UiPath Foundation is partnering with Pro Patrimonio Foundation in the “Academy of Music and Education for Children” program that has been running since early 2020 at the George Enescu House in Mihăileni.


(*) Orders can be placed at propatrimonio.romania@gmail.com, textbooks are free of charge, the recipient pays the courier fee.


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