Enescu House Festival – cultural-musical explorations and exercises

Enescu House Festival – cultural-musical explorations and exercises

This summer the restoration of George Enescu’s House in Mihăileni is completed and we are preparing the opening of its gates to the community and curious people outside with educational activities and thematic cultural events that will be realized with the support of AFCN and the UiPath Foundation. These are meant to bring the house back to life in the context of today and to help an audience as diverse as possible be aware of the house’s cultural value and its potential to redefine itself in contemporary, through its musical-memorial and architectural value, but also through the opportunity it being set around important natural and human resources

We want to lay the foundations of a long-term educational heritage and music program. The project called “Enescu House Festival – cultural-musical explorations and exercises” uses the experience from four years of Heritage Education workshops that we conducted around other heritage objectives – Perticari-Davila Mansion, Neamțu Mansion and Golescu Villa – which we constantly take care of. Elements from the guide “Education for Heritage” (http://bit.ly/GhidEducatiePentruPatrimoniu) written at the end of last year are incorporated into this program while elements dedicated to music, specific to the place, are also introduced. The whole approach is completed by a specific research of the local resources whose primary aims are materials, crafts, sounds and stories of the area.

This year’s campaign will run for a cumulative period of about three weeks this summer between July and September. It will include: a research and a creative mapping of the cultural resources of the place, an educational caravan for heritage that will place children in a practical and playful way in the roles of heritage specialists (urban planner, architect, historian and landscaper) , film and animation workshops, a DIY surprise workshop, the challenge of creating and caring for a small garden at Casa Enescu, movie nights in the community and a festive event, along with an online exhibition of the project, addressed to a very wide public range, which gathers the accumulated research and creative experiments and sparks people’s interest in the work and life of George Enescu, in the context of celebrating this day and the international marking of the Beethoven year.

“The Enescu House Festival – cultural-musical explorations and exercises” is one of Pro Patrimonio’s cultural projects co-financed by AFCN. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the project results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

UiPath Foundation is a partner of Pro Patrimonio Foundation in the program “The Academy of Music and Education for Children” which takes place from February 2020 at the House of George Enescu in Mihăileni.

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