Education for Heritage Guide

Education for Heritage Guide


Our projects for heritage education have focused from the beginning on the consolidation of a lasting relationship between a community and the cultural elements of value in its immediate vicinity through a more or less structured series of workshops and events dedicated to young audiences.

During the last 3 years, the communities of children around Neamțu Manor, Olari, Perticari-Davila Manor, Izvoru and Golescu Village, Câmpulung-Muscel, have benefited from constant activities that investigated the local material and immaterial heritage through games, models, hands-on workshops, crafts, exhibitions or film screenings in the community.

Through the project “EDUCATION FOR HERITAGE” this year we managed to structure, transform and enrich in a structured heritage program our meetings and workshops organized so far.

Through the project “EDUCATION FOR HERITAGE” this year we managed to structure, transform and enrich in a structured heritage program our meetings and workshops organized so far

In each of the 3 communities, it included 4 hands-on workshops playing the role of field specialists: urban planner, architect, landscape designer, artist or craftsman and a final meeting, dedicated to the whole community, with animation and cinema workshops adapted to local stories, constructive adventures, culinary contests, movie evenings and even camping at the manor.

Who is it for?

The guide “Heritage Education” gathers all this experience and even completes the activities with new challenges. This is a structured proposal for introducing children to the world of heritage and for a more in-depth exploration of the built and natural cultural values and the crafts in the area where the courses take place. It is an initiative that aims to connect the community to local resources and the practical and creative activation of the space it inhabits.

How do you use it?

The proposed activities and programs invite children to explore the surrounding universe by playing the part of different specialists and integrating different ideas into 1: 1 scale projects in their community. They can be integrated throughout the school year, can be the subject of the school week A Different Kind of School, can be thought of as holiday activities or freely integrated into any desired program.

Why is it necessary?

The segment Education for Heritage addressed to young people has emerged as a direct consequence of the need for community involvement in the projects of restoration and activation of the built heritage carried out by the foundation in various places in the country.

We hope that this guide will best respond to the needs and curiosities of children and provide real help in as many of the communities where development is desired in direct relation to local cultural values.

“Education for Heritage” is an open publication available online, an incipient form of a possible future course to be implemented as an optional in the school curriculum, which awaits suggestions and improvement advice from users.

The guide can be downloaded directly from the Pro Patrimonio Foundation Online Library:http://bit.ly/GhidEducatiePentruPatrimoniu

What can you do?

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