Concerts on the Siret River, 3rd edition

Concerts on the Siret River, 3rd edition

August 13 – 28 , 2023

This year, Concerts on the Siret is dedicated to supporting work on the George Enescu House in Mihăileni.

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A xylophagous and biological attack on the wooden structure of the Enescu House in Mihăileni has forced the interruption of educational and concert activities. An emergency intervention site had to be opened here and cultural activities temporarily moved to other cultural sites of significance to the neighbouring communities


Pro Patrimonio Foundation and Associația Maria have the honour to invite you to the 3rd edition of Concerts on the Siret River to enjoy good music in unique settings.

We propose four particularly interesting locations:

  • at Liteni, Moara / Suceava, in a constantly evolving sculpture and contemporary art workshop, you will be able to listen to a chamber music concert – Adrian Naidin / cello.
  • August 13, 18:30, free entrance


  • at Vârfu Câmpului / Botoșani, in the secular garden of the Moruzi Manor on the banks of the Siret River, you will be able to listen to the chamber music recital performed by Răzvan Suma / cello and Josu Okiñena / piano.
  • August 15, 18:00, by invitation only


  • at Călinești Bucecea / Botoșani, Miclescu Manor, Sala din Deal, an unconventional experimental space set up for the Masterclass held by pianist Raluca Știrbăț.
  • August 16-22 – Masterclass
  • August 22, 18:30, Concert of young pianists participating in the Masterclass and the exhibition Tourist Routes in Botoșani County – Botoșani. Project under the aegis of the North East Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects, free entrance
  • at Brăești / Botoșani, at the Capri Manor, in a former stable undergoing environmental-architectural rehabilitation, the chamber recital of the Mezzo Quartet (Iași) and the exhibition Tourist Routes in Botoșani County – Botoșani. Project under the aegis of the North East Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects.
  •  August 28, ora 19:00, free entrance

You will have the opportunity to see for yourself or in the explanatory drawings on display that an exciting activity to enhance the tangible and intangible heritage of local communities is taking place on both sides of the Siret, this generous river that enriches the cultural landscape of Moldova.

E-mail: propatrimonio.romania@gmail.com


George Enescu’s house in Mihăileni, Botoșani county, a historical monument owned by the Pro Patrimonio Foundation, was saved from collapse and went through a seven-year restoration process. As small as it is interesting, it represents a tangible witness of the way of life for an intellectual family of the 19th century. That is precisely why  Enescu House can become a subject of experimental research with a specific purpose: what was the standard comfort of life in the countryside for families with intellectual potential and a desire for development?

It is the place where the composer spent periods of his childhood and adulthood, finalizing many of his masterpieces. It was the last place he visited before leaving the country for good in September 1946. The house belonged to George Enescu’s mother, Maria Cosmovici, and was built by her parents, most likely, in the middle of the 19th century. Currently, the house is returned to the local community in the form of a cultural and educational center. In 2020, the restoration works were completed, a moment also marked by the inauguration of one of the most ambitious projects of the Pro Patrimonio Foundation, the “Academy of Music and the Study of Sound”.

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