Reattachment of previously extracted frescos

Reattachment of previously extracted frescos

One of the most difficult and taxing steps in the restoration process is reattachement of the fresco. The wall between the naos and pronaos contained beam ends protruding out of the church facade. Exposed for a long time to the elements, this wall decayed to its core. The beam, being painted on both sides, was extracted with regard to the paintings, which were carefully removed and restored, and the rotten beam was replaced by a new one. The reattachment of the paintings took place during the summer of 2019 and required a great deal of attention to reposition them according to their original outline. Four restorers and the Japanese vulunteer Yumi Nakajima worked diligently to finish this process.

We have a description of the way of working in the Urşi fresco restoration from the restorer Ana Chiricuţă


An interview granted by Mirela Duculescu for RFI presents a summary of past and new activities carried on t the small wooden church in Urşi.

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