Picnic set

690,00 lei

  • EUR: 141.15 €

The blanket and the pillow covers are the drawn and sewed witnesses of the project’s entire story, tracking the craftsmen and the resources route from around the Golescu Villa through interpreted geometrical motives.

The package contains the picnic blanket with its packing tight and 2 pillow covers. Each set contains soft estetical variations that vary according to the craftsman’s personality, making each product a unique one.

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Adorned with hand sewn patterns, using colored cotton thread.


Crafted by Pavel Iacob and Gheorghe Gegiu

Designed by Andreea Machidon Veronica Olariu Ruxi Sacalis

Year 2016


Size: 1450 / 1450mm

Weight: 1.3kg

Materials: cotton

Color: natural white and different colour interventions

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