Napkin holder

95,00 lei

  • EUR: 19.43 €

The napkin holder is an object useful for the outdoors as well as for the indoors. Design and craft have come together to create a useful object which is part of the outdoor series of Honest Goods Collection. Stone carved weight keeps napkins in place.
The package contains the wooden support and the stone counterweight

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Handmade from solid wood and with mineral oil finish. The weight is cut out from a local limestone, known as Albești stone, and hand carved with traditional patterns.


Crafted byPavel Iacob, Ionel Moise

Designed by Andreea Machidon, Veronica Olariu, Ruxi Sacaliș

Year 2016


Dimensions: L = 220 mm, H = 15 mm, stone HCU=15mm

Weight: 0.6kg

Materials: oak and stone Albesti

Color: natural wood and shades of stone Albesti (pink / blue / gray / green)

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