Cheese and Butter Board

100,00 lei

  • EUR: 20.46 €

The chopping board with clay cover is used at it’s best for serving and protecting the dairy products or butter, maintaining the relation with the place where it comes from through the materials used and through the carved elements.

The package contains the chopping board together with the clay cover.

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Handmade from solid wood with mineral oil finish and hand carved with traditional-inspired geometric patterns. Ceramic lid shaped in plaster molds.



Crafted by Ceramic Time

Designed by Andreea Machidon, Veronica Olariu, Ruxi Sacaliș

Year 2016


dimensions: øexterior=180mm, øbig=320mm, øinterior=140mm, H=25mm, Hwith led=14mm

Weight: 0.78kg

Materials: Oak

Color: natural wood

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