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For Heritage. Old houses and new generations. For 20 years. Facts, not words.

As of today, Pro Patrimonio Foundation offers a new model for the public funding of its program projects by developing a very intuitive, fast and secure web application which will help the public to choose one or more projects to support. Through the donation application, Pro Patrimonio offers payment options developed by two of the largest online payment processors in the world: Stripe and PayPal, becoming the first NGO in Romania integrated with Stripe. The mobile-first model was developed pro-bono by 4 members of the UPPER Technologies community www.upperhq.co), respectively Bogdan Soare - Front-end Developer, Cătălin Tănăsescu - Back-end Developer, Csaba Nacu - UX / UI Designer and coordinated by Mihai Sora - QA Engineer.

The application can be accessed here https://donate.propatrimonio.org/

The current pandemic which led to the continuous resizing of the work plan for 2020 has resulted in the gradual approach of four typologies of program-projects that we will continue to support and which are present in the application: George Enescu House in Mihăileni, Botoşani County, Neamţu Manor in Olari, Olt County, Education for Heritage, Craft Preservation.

The worksite at George Enescu House in Mihăileni, Botoşani County - continued without much disturbance even during this period - is scheduled to be completed in the middle of the year. In autumn, in partnership with UiPath Foundation, will see the start up of the Academy of Music for Children addressed to the children from the gymnasium schools in the area, in order to offer them the chance for quality education, in the proximity of the communities to which they belong. In addition to the Academy's music education activities, the UiPath Foundation will include 20 children from vulnerable families from communities around the George Enescu House into the Future Acceleration Program, the integrated support project for access to education. The support we are looking for during this period is to be able to arrange the garden around the house, to repair and tune the piano received as a donation for this house, to compose a library and to properly maintain the monument and keep it running.

The second construction site, the one at the Neamţu Manor in Olari, Olt County, is less supported this year due to the lack of dedicated funds. The wide land around allowed the realization of some agricultural works in spring and we want to be able to make a series of plantings against desertification as the Oltenia area is in an pronounced drought season. We are looking for support for window repairs and for the partial restoration of the facades. The monument maintenance and smooth running need constant support as the foundation supports three permanent employees from the local community.

Educaţia copiilor din comunităţile alăturate obiectivelor de patrimoniu de care ne ocupăm este un program derulat de mulţi ani cu peste 45 de ateliere derulate. Anul acesta, pentru prima dată, adăugăm şi comunitatea de copii din Mihăileni, judeţul Botoşani, în încercarea de a-i aduce şi pe aceştia mai aproape de istoria şi cultura locului din care provin. Suplimentar, a fost iniţiată o componentă de educaţie continuă a publicului larg prin oferirea de informații utile, teoretice și practice legate de rolul protecţiei patrimoniului, diversele intervenţii asupra patrimoniului construit, înţelegerea şi îngrijirea patrimoniului peisager, sensibilizarea publicului faţă de fondul construit în diverse perioade de timp. Această comunicare susţinută face parte din misiunea Pro Patrimonio faţă de societate.

Preserving crafts in constructions and restoration has created a welcoming fund for the development of the over 15 year-old partnership with the Association Les Compagnons du Devoir together with the Associația Maria – Ţibăneşti; at the same time the pioneering project in object and craft design, Honest Goods paved the way for social innovation with local craftsmen from the Muscel area for the production of the collection objects. We wish to develop this project and create new locally produced design objects and to offer the same hands-on learning experience for architects, restorers and craftsmen on the open restoration worksites in Mihăileni and Olari.

All these projects can only be carried out through support and involvement. The proposed application is a tool that facilitates donation in any form and from any device, creating a close relationship with the supported projects. Thus, the protection, reuse or restoration of heritage becomes a topic of discussion, of interest, to be used by new generations in the ways they want.

Pro Patrimonio Foundation considers that heritage is the responsibility of each of us and encourages the creation of an active community with impact in wider social segments that will contribute to the reconstruction of Romanian society.



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