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The first holiday weekend, June 14 to 16, we caught the caravan workshops three mansions. Our activities have moved this time outdoors, rejoicing the most of the warm days of this period.

We set out to discover the hidden history of mansions in a game type treasure-hunt timed with samples as diverse and dynamic, whether sporting, cultural, creative and DIY.

The competition motivated unexpectedly more children all team members, their masters, teachers and parents in the gallery supporters. To get the clues needed creionării whole thing children had passed:

1. sports events - running, pushing or pulling logs bales of straw balance by "electric wire" walking dwarf and finally retrieve the message written on the tree;
2. sample archery;
3. Drawing speed test - a relay with pencils and attention that focused on the facade of the mansion with as much detail;
4. The sample to be measured by estimation of the height and width of the mansion with the guiding part and that the position assumed in the house during the cardinal points;
5. Identification test plants according to their position on the map of the mansion gardens;
6. sample to achieve a promotion poster mansion with a representative plant;
7. The sample architectural details - the correlation of specialized terms that describe the elements constituting the mansions in the picture instead of the three special time;
8. Sample funny, two challenges of managing a team to get a clue longed unique way;
9. sample creation involved the construction based on a short story of a famous character from the mansion, using materials such as wood, thread, vegetation, and textiles.

Toate cele trei comunități au reușit să recompună poveștile de la conac parcurgându-le într-un mod amuzant, s-au apropiat de personajele celebre ce au animat conacele în trecut, precum Elena Perticari-Davila, George Zissi – „Prințul de la Olari”- și Vasile Golescu, au sudat prietenii mai trainice unii cu alții ca echipe și ne-au oferit prilejul să ne bucurăm nu doar de experiența de a lucra împreună, dar și de entuziasmul și rugămințile emoționante de a continua activitățile de la conac pe viitor. Finalul aventurilor l-am sărbătorit cu bricolarea unor diplome-suvenir cu fațadele conacelor traforate și poveștile câștigate ca decor.

Cultural project co-financed by AFCN. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how project results can be used. The responsibility it is entirely grant beneficiary.


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