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Workshops and exhibitions at Izvoru 2015-2016

Workshops and exhibitions at Izvoru 2015-2016

Under the coordination of Pro Patrimonio Foundation and with the help of volunteers, a series of events took place between 2015-2016: exhibitions about the history and cultural value of the Perticari-Davila Estate, film screenings, games, discussions, creative-educational workshops, exhibition of the Perticari family, drawing activities, sports and first aid courses, etc. Much of this has occurred in the basement of the small mansion where the Izvoru community has attended events.

In 2016, Pro Patrimonio also got involved in the school program Școala Altfel: at our architecture course we drew our own homes, investigated local materials, and created the model of our colleague's house using the resources available in Izvoru. The dance course has raised much interest and curiosity among both the younger and the elder.


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